The Idaho Heritage Museum + Conference Center

The Museum Hall, approximately 40,000+/- square feet, a combination of display space and convention facility in four areas.

The proposed building is “U” shaped, surrounding a public plaza*1 area, where visitors can view some of the museum artifacts. 

The plaza is below grade, with the lower level of the Museum facility broken up into two wings that are two-story, a lower level, and an upper level, the southerly portion is approximately 8,000 square feet on each of the two levels (16,000 sq. ft total).  

The northern portion of the facility is approximately 12,000 square feet each of two levels of 24,000 sf total.  The northern wing lower level has 12,000 sf of museum space and the second ground level has 12,000 sf of which 10,000 sf is convention/event space, which doubles as traveling expose’ shows on loan from other museums, and approximately 2,000 square feet of administrative space offices.  

The intent is to change out the exhibits to keep it fresh and engaging, as well as rental space for outside conventions and meeting space. 

The thought is this does not exist in the area and potentially fund part of the operation of the museum with revenue in leasing out this space.  We envision that this will become a major asset to the area that currently does not exist and would be an option for many conventions that are lost to Boise or Idaho Falls/Pocatello areas.

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